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Hi, welcome to the Notesero testing family

Location Based Reminder Sharing with Friends & Family. Notesero is a different take on reminders. Rather than time based reminders, Notesero will notify you at the perfect time when you're at the exact location you need to be reminded. You can also share reminders with friends and family. Here's some examples: If you'd like to be notified when your husband/wife are on their way home, simply send them a reminder and you'll be notified so you can get the kettle on! Need to pick up so milk or groceries, simply add a reminder and Notesero will remind you when you are close to the store. Want to know if your child arrives safely at school or your wife/husband arrives at work, send a reminder and let Notesero do its job. There are numerous ways in which to use Notesero. However you use it, Notesero has you covered.

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